We weren't trying to save gas.. it just happened

About Us

Prop Mod is based in Tampa Bay Florida. We are boating and fishing enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and problem solvers. We strive for excellence. After years of challenges, progress and setbacks, we are proud to be the first company in the world to present this U.S. patented design to the outboard and inboard boating market. American craftsmanship and ingenuity are hallmarks Prop Mod stands by. 

Get your propellers modified to feel real performance gains & even better fuel savings today

  • Exceed top speed with less power
  • Exceptional mid-range performance gains
  • Drop up to 500 rpm at mid-range performance gains
  • Dramatically decrease cavitation 
  • Gain control and grip in maneuvering and corners 
  • Increase thrust 
  • Faster time to plane 


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