Bass Boat

The days of having to choose between holeshot with mid-range performance and top end speed are over. Prop Mod will work for you whether you're in a tournament where every minute matters or you only have a couple hours to squeeze in some fishing time. With the Prop Mod propeller modification, you can keep your 3-blade propeller and get the performance of a 4-blade without sacrificing your speed at the top end. Get to your spots faster, fish longer and save gas every time.  


Pontoon Boat

 There was a time when your only option was to load the pontoon up and putt out to your favorite sandbar or island only going about 15 to 20 mph at wide open throttle. Then the boat makers started putting bigger motors on because of the demand for more speed. Now higher speeds are being achieved but the hull style creates lost performance in the way of cavitation and ventilation. The Prop Mod propeller modification will maximize your performance no matter the conditions or how much you load onto your boat.  


Today in the performance world of boat racing we use extreme horsepower to push boats to the 200 mph mark and faster, with boats ranging from 16-50 feet the one thing that they all have in common is that they all use a prop to push them to the limits. This is the key factor to optimizing the most speed from your boat. Now if you are a factory racer or a boat enthusiast you can both use a patented prop mod to increase the top speed. This is the edge that will set you apart from the competition!  

In Shore / Off Shore

There is no product on the market today that will limit the negative effects of cavitation and ventilation more that the Prop mod modification. The offshore class of boat will see the most financial benefit. The professional on the water daily or weekly can expect to enjoy an average of 10% savings on fuel costs every month. Whether you prefer to maintain a cruising speed with less RPM or maintain a cruising RPM with more speed. This modification will save you gas.